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Your choice from within the working group that works on CV writing of the questioner depends on your experience, skills, and method of presentation because not only the specialist who looks at the file, but after he looks at it and accepts it, it is sent to the responsible manager.

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CV writing

Therefore, you must take into account the manager’s view of the question about the file that he sent to him, meaning if there is an error in how to write the file or if the method of writing the CV is correct and successful, the percentage of your acceptance of the job or application increases.

5 essential elements in writing a CV

You must take into account the basic steps and factors in order not to lose a skill or style that you can do, but you forgot to write correctly that fits your future career and conclude what the job needs in terms of skills that you should note in your CV file.

Personal data

  1. Full name.
  2. Detailed address.
  3. Phone number.
  4. Date of Birth.

Practical experiences

  1. The jobs you worked for.
  2. The start and end date of each job.
  3. The Company’s name.
  4. The position.

Academic certificate

  1. The name of the last certificate I got.
  2. The name of the university and the year you graduated.
  3. Estimates.

Courses and training courses

  1. Course name.
  2. Duration of the course.
  3. The place of the course.

Skills that help with work

  1. If she is skilled in computers or smart devices such as Excel or PowerPoint.
  2. Dealing with individuals and human development.
CV writing

4 Additional Elements of Resume Writing

Personal hobbies

What do you like to do in your spare time? This is what many are ignorant of, and this is of particular importance to many officials such as:

  1. Swimming.
  2. horse riding.
  3. Shooting.
  4. Talk to friends.

Languages you speak

  1. The primary language you master.
  2. The additional language and your level.

Known persons

People who advise those responsible to ask about you regarding your literary and scientific behavior to know your ability to deal and work.

Some additions

Additions that can be added in basic elements or when adding additional elements.

Personal data
  1. Sex.
  2. Social status.
  3. Email.
  4. Personal website.
  5. Photograph.
Practical experiences

What were you doing in previous work? A question sometimes looking for the owners of institutions.

Academic certificate

School name, year of graduation, and grade.

  1. What did you learn from the course?
  2. What did you learn in action?

What do you add to your personality and your ability to communicate?

If you like to create a CV on your own, you can learn Google documents that resemble “Microsoft word” in “Microsoft Office”, and you can benefit from this in addition to the ability to the computer, which is a service from Google services and has ready CV forms or to visit the official website.

After you get to know the correct CV writing and the details of creating the content, you can create it yourself by watching the following video.

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