The pdf files that we have come to rely on in many of our work, such as CV files, e-books, and regular books that are used electronically, I love the pdf site that allows you to modify the pdf files and convert them to different formats.

The site uses I love pdf

  • Fix pdf document
    • Recover data from corrupted pdf files
    • Repair PDF files with a unique repair tool
  • Merge pdf
    • Arrange your pdf files
    • Merge and combine files into one file
  • Split pdf
    • Separating a page from the rest of the pages in the file
    • Specify the page range
    • Converting each page into a separate file
  • Pdf compression
    • Reduce file size
    • Maintaining the best quality after compressing the file
    • Overall file improvement
  • pdf to Word
    • Fast conversion to Word file
    • Docs, doc documents can be modified easily
    • The word files you get are very accurate
  • pdf to PowerPoint
    • You can convert pdf files to google slides
    • pptx, ppt modification is easy
  • pdf to excel
    • Fast data extraction from pdf to Excel
    • The conversion takes place when the data is tabulated
  • Word to PDF
    • You can use this feature from Google Docs
    • You can convert word documents like docs, doc to pdf
  • Edit the pdf file
    • Add photos
    • Texts, shapes, or comments
    • Modify fonts, types, and colors
  • pdf to jpg
    • Convert each pdf page into a separate image
    • Extract all images from pdf file
pdf to jpg

Other features

  • Page numbers
    • Add page numbers to the pdf file
    • Choose the location of the numbered pages and the font type and style
  • Watermark
    • Put an image on the pdf file
    • Put texts and choose the font type, transparency and size
  • Rotate pdf files
    • You can rotate any PDF file to any direction as you like
    • Rotate more than one file at one time
  • HTML to PDF
    • You can convert any web page into a pdf file
    • Convert the page to a file in one click by copying the link
  • Open files
    • You can open the file from the password
  • Protect the pdf file
    • You can encrypt a file
    • Prevents access to wrong people
  • Organize the file
    • You can arrange or rearrange the file the way you want
    • Delete or add pages
  • pdf الى pdf / A
    • PDF / A: ISO compliant version
    • Preserve and archive files for a long time
    • The pdf version is preserved at a future slot
  • Sign the document
    • Sign documents and ask others to sign them
    • Draw a personal signature
    • You can sign the document with the approved ID
انا احب pdf

I love pdf from old and famous sites for editing these files, and you can discover it yourself.

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