File types in Google Slides

٭ Google Slides Export The “jpg” file, which is a popular file in photographs.

٭ ODB files Open the document view file from an open office website.

٭ “BNV” files specialized in images.

٭ TXT documents responsible for the texts to review the proposal scheme.

٭ A “PDF” file used for many things like making a CV.

٭ PPTX files used in Microsoft Office, especially in PowerPoint.

٭ SVG file, vector graphics, scalable.

Google Slides
Presentations from Google

What is Google Slides ?

A website and application that you can use from anywhere through the Internet or without the Internet. Presentations from Google Slides allow you to create your stories for dynamic or static presentation. Presentation is done through images, files, videos and texts to present a presentation that has a graphical interface based on the use of a distinct style In explaining the details to create the enjoyment when viewing.

Free and can be used as an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, and it competes in many fields, such as hundreds of different fonts and ready-made templates that help you create new ideas that suit most age groups.

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google slides
Google Slide Templates

Google Slides site usage

  1. Create and edit images and convert image format.
  2. General presentations.
  3. Advertising for a company or organization.
  4. Innovative ideas and how to present them with an artistic touch
  5. Public or private invitations.
  6. Create photo albums that can be used attractively.
  7. Recipe book or eat it.
  8. Save for files or Photos and videos.
  9. Reports or statistics.
  10. Professional account.
  11. Employee certification.
  12. Wire frames for projects.
  13. Field trip.
  14. Science project.
google slides
google office
google slides

Features of “Google Slides”

You can see a unique presentation by combining photos, videos, and outlines and animating them in a way that evokes beauty.

You can rely on it instead of «Microsoft PowerPoint» because it is free of charge and to modify its files, convert them and how to create them.

By pressing a simple button, you can share files with your friends, family, or colleagues and comment on it, and they can modify and comment on the file in addition to automatic saving of the file without having to press Save again.

Simply, files are saved in Google Drive as soon as they are created to improve file protection, and you can download them in more than one way and avoid losing them.

It links additional sites from Google services such as Google Sheets for easy editing of all files.

Voice writing is one of the advantages of the site.

There is an addition of spreadsheets and illustrations through the Google Table service.

You can download the free application from the Play Store, as well as create and modify your files via a smartphone and easily save them on the Internet.

to watch google slides tutorial .


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