Many of the sites that specialize in editing photos have become on the Internet and applications that allow creating and modifying pictures from a smartphone and without the Internet, a site that I Love Img that simply modifies images.

The possibility of the site I Love Img

Access to the site from a mobile, tablet, or computer only with the presence of the Internet, the site is free and forever and it is part of a second site called ILovePdf, and there are more possibilities in editing images from the Google images site

I Love Img
  • Image compression
    • You can compress the image to almost half its size, which helps to download or save space for the device.
    • Compress a batch of an image at once and with the best quality
  • Resize the image
    • Resize images with new dimensions of your design in a relative or non-proportional frame
    • You can use percentages to change image dimensions or select in pixels
    • Image group, You can change their dimensions at once
  • Crop photos
    • You can crop the image or take a snippet of it with ease
    • Choose the size of the image in pixels in square shape
    • Cropping options in four boxes
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  • Stretch photos
    • You can convert many formats of jpg images and vice versa
    • You can create animations and specify when to change the next image
  • Photo editing tool
    • Add many effects to your pictures, such as text, pictures, posters, and frames, which appear in an unusual form.
    • Simple tools to use to create different adjustments to images such as angles.
    • Shapes and graphics you have the ability to add them
  • Watermark
    • Easily, you can add a watermark to your photos or write text
  • Meme pictures
    • Create meme images
    • Choose a template from a variety of templates
  • Rotate photos
    • Rotate images vertically and horizontally only
  • HTML file to an image
    • Turning a website page into an image while keeping the visual aspect

You can see some details of the site through this simple video

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