Acceptable CV file

There is more than one site that supports the creation of the CV file, but do you like the design, format, or color? This is what I searched for in the last period in more than one site or place until I was able to create it as I like.

To create a CV file to your taste, you must be aware of some configuration matters such as the basic criteria for writing a CV and how to create it with all acceptable specifications.

CV file to your taste

What are the services used to create a CV?

Paid services

There are many paid sites such as “cvmkr” that support paid CV files, but what if I told you that you can create an example or better for your taste and also there are ready-made templates on this site to create a quick CV.

Free services

You can create your ready-made CV using Google Docs, which has more than one ready-made template. You can modify it in more than one way and enter all your data, then it is ready for download.

You also have the ability to create a CV file for your own specifications in choosing the color and format you want in order to create an acceptable CV file at the employer, taking into account that each employer sometimes sets special conditions for the CV file.

التعامل مع الملفات
Create a CV from the application

The smartphone depends on a lot at the present time, so Google services or Google documents now allow ready-made templates for CVs from the mobile. When modified, they are ready for download in more than one file format, and the most popular file used is “pdf”.

There are some skills that can raise the value of your file, which are considered among the services that no institution or company at the present time can do without, which is computer technology.

Therefore, we worked to collect some skills that greatly support this, such as “Google Office“, which is very similar to “Microsoft Office”, in addition to some advanced skills such as creating websites.

All Google Office services are completely free, on the contrary, with Microsoft Office services, and you do not need to use them to create an email and I think that many of us have a Google account.

But you are only missing the practical application of creating a CV file to your taste. You can watch this video

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