Backup benefits

Your names that you save on your phone, and when you change the phone, you check them, which leads to a loss of contact with all your acquaintances and you cannot communicate with them properly, in order not to fall into that, you must keep the names and everything that should be with you forever by Smart phone or computer backup.

Text messages and other important messages that grieve for their teams from memories or keep the password in a message, checking your words to work on saving your words in a larger scale, such as uploading messages on the web.

General settings for the device that you lose when changing the device or updating the device and leads to adjusting the settings from start to finish, why all this and you can put all of this on Google.

The history of calls can be forgotten for unregistered numbers on your Android phone, which leads to the loss of important numbers.

Smart phone or computer backup
Google Photos backup

Pictures and videos stored on the phone and you cannot do without them, such as personal and family photos or pics that interest you, and you can keep and download them at any time.

Files or documents such as graduation project files and other important papers that you can upload to the web and print them at any time possible instead of losing irreversibly.

And finally, the applications that you own on the smartphone and the modifications that you make, and you can also retrieve them at any time through Google services such as Google Drive, Google Photos and one Google .

Computer backup

Computer backup is one of the most important things that Internet workers should be concerned with, such as programmers and photo and video editors.

You can download the Google Drive program for the computer to upload files from your device to the Google site with ease, manually and automatically when you place the file automatically uploaded to the Google Drive website.

شركات النسخ الإحتياطي
Backup companies

Mobile backup

You can save all things from the apps, photos and videos that you depend on through 3 Google Drive apps, Google Drive, Google Photos and one Google.

Smart phone or computer backup
One Google backup

One Google application that you can rely on to retrieve all pictures and videos.

Google Drive application that you can rely on to save and store applications, names and messages and make backup copies of the entire phone.

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Google Photos backup

The Google Photos application can store pictures and videos of different high quality.


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