The safest place to save photos and videos

The development of technology has worked on the ease of transferring images and videos, Backup photos and videos especially in communications technology to the fifth generation, with the ability to upload pictures and videos and retrieve them wherever you want, it is Google pictures from a computer or from a smartphone.

Also, your old photos or those that beautify the house and place them in a frame can be uploaded to the Internet with ease and accuracy in photography, as well as your personal documents through the Google Photo Scan application.

Backup photos and videos from Google Photos

It has become an excellent solution to keep pictures and videos as many of us lose the phone and cannot bring pictures and videos again, especially if they are important pictures and videos, or related to work or a project for study, this leads to a huge problem that is difficult to solve.

In this way, you can secure photos and videos with Google Photos and discover the possibility of artificial intelligence that reveals details of images about people, places, and more.

Backup photos and videos
Backup photos and videos

Recover photos and videos from one Google program

From one program, Google can retrieve all the images and videos from the application, for Android and Apple, and for the computer, through the site of the Google Photo backup program available in the link to download the program.



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