PhotoScan from Google Photos

Google PhotoScan application that supports Google Photos to make a scanner or scanning images, using it you can return paper images with all accuracy, especially the old photos that you keep for beautiful memories to make your past with the present and you can Download the images after saving them with it in all their details, and different effects can be used through the Google Photos and upload them from all places to the Internet.

Google Photoscan
Google Photoscan – old photo

Using Google Photoscan

Google PhotoScan one of its advantages is its use in documents and documents as it works to create the image with high quality in the details of the images and their dimensions to create them, as if it were a scanner image.

Save the image in a frame, you can make a frame from the pictures that you own in an attractive way by specifying the dimensions of the image in a suitable frame on the frame in the application.

Google PhotoScan a small image as a document

Scanner for photos through Google Photoscan is very distinct for the passport or ID card for the national number, so it is used for scanning.

You can download the program Google Photoscan or follow more through the site or watch this video.


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