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A Vodafone employee named James Harding campaigned his face-changing ideas about celebrating this year’s pride and the importance of doing better on LGBT + and why we need it now more than ever.

International intellectual travel and comprehensive care

The telecommunications industry is not seen by some as an innovation model for companies, while this does not apply to many technologies that build on infrastructure.

It has been 4 years since the implementation of advanced projects, approaching Vodafone and defining ways in which we can help each other.During that time, we launched programs such as Vodafone 5G Dig, which identified 100 leading global leaders, F-Lane, our accelerator for women’s empowerment in Germany, Tomorrow Street Innovation Center in Luxembourg, and Bright Sparks, our mentoring program with the University of Oxford innovation.

Vodafone has revealed that it is allied with an “out-of-home” approach to innovation; the company has launched the Launchpad to obtain the ideas of its employees, which can result in a positive difference and developing communities with a comprehensive and continuous view.


The staff includes more than 1,200 ideas from 19 different countries and six different departments. Then 112 ideas were put on the shortlist by 150 local experts who served as key judges. Then there were approximately 10,000 colleagues voted for this short list to identify 25 winning ideas.

The winning ideas show that the company’s culture is more knowledgeable about the focus in developing products and services, protecting communications and how to use our digital infrastructure to develop technology products.


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