Save on your wireless bill every month

The only credit card that works at the best value can be obtained with unlimited, and use it to register in auto pay and you will get a discount of $ 10 per month for each account or line, as a way to reduce the wireless bill.

Premium credit slowing from Verizon

ڤيرزون مخزن

Purchases are subject to credit approval, and Verizon Dollars’ service stops when the card is inactive. Review the terms and conditions so that you do not get this.

4% at the grocery store and purchasing, 3% food purchases, 2% purchases in Verizon, 1% on all others

Verizon Dollars give you the opportunity to buy a phone or headphones, almost anything from the Verizon Store, through your Verizon Wireless bill, you can keep your rewards.

Obtaining the card without annual fees, and its value is due in bonuses.For more information about the Verizon Visa card.


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