When was the first bank in the world established?

The word “bank” appeared in the city of Venice, which is a word derived from the Italian word “Banco”, which means “mastaba”, meaning the table on which the teller stands for currency exchange, and then its meaning developed to the bank.

The first bank in the world was established in 1472, the Italian city of Cepina, in order to provide cheap loans to the poor, and in spite of the rich history of the bank to its independent, its future was full of problems.

Where three of the bank’s managers were sentenced to prison for concealing information about the central bank during the financial crisis.

The emergence of electronic banks

People relied on electronic banks in 1998 in terms of the emergence of paypal, which is the most successful electronic bank from the past few years, and paypal was awarded more than one prize for the year 2006 and the latest was the Webby Award and the Webby People’s Voice Award.PayPal quickly became the global leader in online payment solutions with over 192 million accounts worldwide. PayPal services are available in more than 200 countries and regions and in 25 currencies around the world, which makes it supportive of global e-commerce by providing payment options across websites, currencies and different languages. He also received more than 20 awards for his excellence in the field of the Internet.

Services that distinguish paypal?

Is to control and transfer money quickly and safely from all over the world through networks and credit card.

Also in the possibility of contacting the sites where companies can communicate with each other, customers and others, so paypal is one of the most famous and oldest electronic banks in the world.

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