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The methods, habits and uses of the consumer are transforming faster than ever google adword, and that was explained by Gohl in searches for the past month by controlling spraying in the United States of America and several other countries and mechanical puzzles in Germany and fans in Japan may be difficult to face this, especially in the presence of this The epidemic.

So marketers have a lot of work to do and a little time, which is why Google ads offer more solutions to grow your business.

google adword
google adword

New opportunities in dynamic marketing​

You can define the priorities of the recommendations to help you complete your campaigns better. For example, the company clarified that it is the use of key keywords to get new ways of words that bring you closer to more distinctive advertising campaigns related to more than 16 million recommendations for keywords based on Google ads inside the market with addition New recommendations every day.

Google noticed that the consumer goods company Artnaturals said that the demand is increasing for hand and soap antiseptic, and by using keyword recommendations they were able to move their ads to new directions quickly, which led to an increase in visits by 700 percent.

Where did you add the new service?​

You can see keyword recommendations via the “Recommendations” page in Google Mobile Ads and soon to see them in the Google Ads Editor also. Added support for recommendations and points of improvement at the campaign level in Google API ads will be the result of improvement at the account level soon.

To see the details from the source and to know how to use it, please check the source

Google Blog.


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