Social media has become very interesting to us and occupies a lot of our thinking, so we take some time to rotate what we will write, whether in WhatsApp cases, our participation on Facebook, or even our tweets on Twitter. Like February 2021 posts are nice.

Posters about Corona

😂🙆‍♀️ A meter must be a distance between people to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

February 2021 posts are nice

About the people who wear the muzzle by suffocating them, that is to say, in order to satisfy your nose, you will lose yourself

Posters about Corona

A pure life, live freely, if a man is every # Corona


Various posts about Corona

  • Spoil yourself, fear for yourself
  • Protect your head from the new corona 💦 ☔️
  • Lethal bullet try to protect yourself and others 🗣 👥
  • Do whatever you want, but keep your loved ones #the muzzle 🌬
  • Let your gripe and protect your two visitors together
  • Sufficiency of scratching, O uncle of Hajj # Corona_Vers 🤝🤛 🤜
  • Visit me once a year and forget about # Corona
  • To love you and be pleased with you, keep the muzzle under your eyes
  • Oh, and I miss you

Posters laughed and laughed

Uh deal with your fiancée I don’t miss my fiancée‼ ️ The best of this is a sadness and it is not good My wife remained but a stump and a girl very much on the idea

The girl, when the short, when she spills, feels it in front of you, a female, but the long one, when she spells “Camel Yaba Hajj” ♦ ️

A worker, uh, in studying, with two zucchini, you gathered in a suit of stuffed, God willing

When your friend says to you, I don’t understand, and I’m studying with you, you:: buffalo went to meet a buffalo 🌪🌩🤣

A broadcaster asked one of the people take the drug, why man has known many girls? the people make him not google and vise versa for a girl, he said that key opened many of lock that called master key but the lock was opened with many keys that have no uses

February 2021 posts are nice to your liking. We can decide them every month and you can follow us on a collection of posts on Facebook


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