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Posts about Companions ~ Posts decorated

Every one of us who loves society may meet a friend or a group of companions, among whom are stubborn, and some of them are traitors, and some of them are neither a stalker nor a traitor from the mix posts.

Posters of companions

Posters of treacherous companions

  • All that I lost is cheaper than some 💥 🔥
  • I’m with my health ⚡️ And welcome to walk on my tracks 💔 ❣️
  • If your friend betrays you 📀 consider your smoke 🌬 💨
  • If upon the many companions 🤛🏾 🤜🏾 but few of them who are good
  • Treacherous strike gain over loss 🔥
  • The imperfect friend is deficient
  • How long do you hate you ⭐️ 🌟 I will be better than you
  • It is better to have a ferocious lion in front of you than to have a traitorous dog behind you
  • I canceled my stump because some people took advantage of her
  • Thinking of my heart, it will be good Every year and you are good ✌🏽

Posters about the not companions ~ posts ready for copying

  • I sold your friend because of a girl, Which puts you a man, not a girl
  • It is not me who says I lost you I see from afar and you regret that I don’t miss you
  • Increase the price of dogs 🐕 so that there are more companions
  • Do not think you are good at people who are full of dirty a tread
  • It was all a people like loving me 💔 and put me a lot of kisses
  • If you find a white crow 🌑 you will still find a stump ✌🏽✌🏻✌️
  • Good but limited with dignity, whatever who will be lost
  • Stump companions are gone, and many are still cheaters Your friend today sells you and takes cash 💢 ♨️
  • When the pain increased on the stump cry instead of tears tyranny
  • when money still true they call you and peace for saying I friend and peace for saying you I, bro.

Posts on the companions

  • The stump is a stump, even as it is 🤨And the original is pure if the mountain had destroyed it.
  • Moderation and manhood 💪 companionship is not easy 👏
  • My friend and sister is a blessing, with the grace of our Lord
  • Your dear friend sometimes He stays better than the people ✔️ ☑️
  • Let’s play a game ⛈ 🌩 With you anyway, my dear friend 💥 🔥
  • Sometimes being with your stump friend is the best treatment for your psychological state ↗️ ↘️
  • The stump of the stump was flawed 🌛 I was aware of his pocket
  • I went and came and thought that I had gone wrong My friend alerted me, made me wake up 🌍
  • Children fled 💪 and stalkers preferred 👏
  • I went to where is your friend The stump is with you in both cases ✌️

Posts for the best friend

The best and best friend when you meet, hold him and not lose him, and if he is with you I thank your Lord for his grace because it is difficult to compensate, who can always save you, the loss of your lack of interest in him for that we offer you a cocktail of posts for the best friend.

Posters for the best friend

Best Friend Posters written

  • Some friends have a love that does not write or write
  • My best friend is the one who brings out what is inside me
  • Oh, the old man was not shocked by it, other than that age revoke it
  • His exit is sweet and his companions are better
  • My life without a companion like a mobile phone without a net
  • My companions laugh a little, but it means a lot to me
  • When you lose a soul to the best friend in your life
  • The idea of the companions, a journey of which the world is better
  • The love of the companions is a subject of pain in the heart
  • Get ready to get out, but I wish we’d stay somewhere

posts for the girl’s best friend

  • My Girlfriend If friendship is in love, you will be my friend until life ends
  • Even friendship is share, and it is my best share
  • My sister, my friend, my heart, my soul and my life
  • The real companion is the one you say, donkey, and she says yes
  • I lived my life from my start, I found you sticking it like smallpox
  • I turned to its owner what I had not found, O sweetest thing in my world
  • Friends are the second face of love and enjoy my company
  • I do not know how my story with her, but I realized well that she is more precious than my soul
  • It is a shadow that haunts me, is greater than the word of his friend
  • Praise be to God for my friend who makes life a beautiful thing

Posters for the best friend

  • The best friend of manhood means mourning
  • Not a woman nor my friend in my world
  • My secrets are kept by his longevity
  • Exodus does not sweet except with him
  • The best friend I have in the world
  • For the sake of others, my tongue is unable to speak
  • Time is running with him, he will go along with him
  • Age is running and you will endure with me
  • Because of my life, the best time on the trip
  • The moment has origins, my friend will stay with me

Posters of love and romance and written parting

Particularly in the cases of love and love in order to express your psychological state for the one you love to the husband, wife, mother, father and other than your sense of everyone who is comfortable and in love, separation is some cases that we pass through after an experience we lived in, so sometimes it is difficult if you love us sincerely from mix posts.

Posters of love and romance and written parting

Love postings written

  • As long as you are in my heart I will stay happy 💓
  • My love deserves dying for a hair of her 🌍
  • I felt weak when I loved you 💟 Because I was afraid of you
  • My tongue cannot describe Habib 💙
  • God is my beloved, and I was created for him He is able to please you
  • I promised you a life Alone saved him I lived I hope
  • Soul and take me to a new love 🌟 ✨ and a happy heart
  • Enough to meet you so that you prefer your image in my eyes
  • Your words are tenderness and your love is heaven
  • Your voice is nostalgic 💖 Oh decade years

It is beautiful that you express to your beloved and your sweetheart the words in your heart, you are not miserly because the word strives graciously in the heart.

Romantic postings that can change the mood

  • A gentle touch and a bold word for new love !!
  • I have a heart if the torment is prolonged, they are longing to see you
  • My sense of always being there and you are
  • The story of a lover’s heart, will not be going to black!?
  • My mood is with you and my heart will redeem you
  • I lived years of cruelty without love and not equal
  • I heard in my heart and met you, but you shouldn’t play with it
  • If I went there, my heart was with you and I wouldn’t forget you
  • Years of life bear pain and longing, the heart of love will be complete if our soul is
  • The torment of love, its journey, my heart, do not ask where we are

Posters about parting ~ Posters of pain

  • If your loved one is absent from you, know that he did not love you from the beginning
  • After the separation, I found myself alone, a stranger, who humiliated her and promised to come back to me soon
  • And you are there far from my heart with you take me with you
  • I did not see the sun because of your love. I fell in love with the night near you
  • The sadness of the heart in forgetting you, the joy of my heart in seeing you
  • Words of love for you to come out, leaving you is difficult I wish you hear
  • You spent times that did not count, cut the pain in your distance to write
  • He stayed up at night and his moon was absent, and the scent of the beloved was not cast in it
  • I will satisfy you with a dream because your reality is not mine
  • The pain that my heart loves you and hate you in public

Posts for the lover ~ husband and wife or engaged in

A life full of affection and tenderness is the one we dream of, and a bright future we live in order to build, and this is what happens before or at the beginning of the marriage, but why does this sometimes change with the passage of time? And it turns into feelings that we do not want or imagine, and what is the solution to this problem? After marriage, we may not say some sweet words or there is not enough interest. You can discuss that in mix posts.

posts for your beloved

Posters supplication for the beloved

  • Oh Lord, it is in my heart and far from my eyes, keep it for me wherever it is
  • Lord, do not show me in whom I love miserable or hated
  • Beloved, if you are in harm’s way or in distress, then we have a God whose name is the great and the generous
  • Oh God, help him to take care of us and make it easy for him
  • Oh God, make him love me great and you are the greatest
  • God bless me in my husband, he is my bond
  • O King of Kings is capable of every creature, Allah give my husband to me
  • Lord, my wife is my love, who is able to obey you
  • O Most Compassionate, O Most Merciful, be with the help of my wife and make her one of the best righteous people
  • O guide, O beautiful, take care of my wife and make our home happiness, comfort, and safety

Posts reproach the beloved

  • Oh Lord, it is in my heart and far from my eyes, keep it for me wherever it is
  • Lethality is that you choose a girl to fight with you, and you and the world will fight her
  • Admonition is part of love, so do not give it to someone who is not worthy
  • If you ask me what is missing, the answer will be I read the first word
  • The good heart does not harden even if it insists on that
  • Hold on, my love, there is no need to make a mistake!
  • Giving is not limited between loved ones, so it does not give an opportunity for mistrust
  • In the hearts of all of us is a message that does not reach
  • Put your reproach under your leg if love failed you
  • My love, his question about me, missed me, does his heart forget me?
  • If we knew how to end, we would not have started

Posts for engaged ~ engagement postings

  • I took my share of the world from the day you owned my heart
  • Coffee or tea on this day has a different taste
  • I miss your voice now for no reason !!
  • My fiancé, I desire you but not taboo, delicious fruit
  • All my wishes have become one wish, may God give me you and keep you for me
  • I promise that I love you all my ages
  • He asked about me, take care of me
  • The moon is sweet but high, gold is beautiful but precious, and you are sweeter than them because you are on my mind
  • Engagement days I wish you would prefer the same as all our good days, or better
  • My ears do not hear anything but your voice, what is absent from me, oh wow

Mix Posts ~ Mix posts for Facebook

Written talk about laughter and shouting, or a mix from the posts that are useful to be cases of Facebook about most of the situations that we feel with the passage of time for each one who wants to write a post that he chooses from mix posts.

mix posts

mix posts for Facebook written

  • Glory be to the one who made a smile in our world a reward for worship
  • It narrowed, and when it increased its knots, it ran out
  • Your place is on the strength of what is inside you, and if the intention is pure, it is suitable for your life
  • You complain to whom and tell who is the length of what your Lord is your glory, is able to solve all your problems
  • If you want something, tire it out
  • All places testify that you are my beloved, I want you always beside me
  • Lord, joy my heart with something beautiful that I do not expect to happen
  • Life may not give free lessons to anyone, so when I say life has taught me, I am sure that I paid the price
  • Despite everything, we in God are stronger and stronger
  • Friendship is situations, not decade life

Religious posts

  • Tell those who have entrusted their affairs to God that God will never let them down
  • O Lord, give me a faith that inhabits my heart, and I ignore anything that hurts me
  • Your call to God is answered as long as you believe in it and work on it. There is no god but He who is the one who repents
  • I ask God for his gaze, then see his mercy
  • Do not think God is oblivious to what you do
  • Your comfort begins near the Creator
  • Be praised, for God has heard those who praise Him
  • The most beautiful love is when God calls in the sky that I loved “name” so loving “name”
  • God gives those who remember him much more than he gives to those who ask
  • Oh God, do not keep me from my three prayers, the satisfaction of parents and those whom I love

Funny posts

  • And I said, sadly, I am out of my mind, I swear by you and I see you
  • I myself used to be one of the people who could hear the words and be silent, But I could be sad if I not answered
  • It is not required when I publish posts about laughter, stay happy. What are all your posts about morals while I am silent
  • How many a loving father will turn after the exam results to Jhon Sina!
  • If you marry someone who suffocates with you and bows with you, but if you marry two, she will fight against you and live like a king
  • Foreigners calmly wake up their children for fear that his stroke will revoke them, but we are entering the classroom as if we were a maiden squad
  • “The honeymoon is infecting and she throws a veil over her hair,” You have fallen into a trap
  • Do not despair of life Make her give up on you
  • Shed your tears and give my friend my hands in my pocket and walk in my comfort
  • When you remain in joy and the groom tells you to go in, uh you will take off, or uh

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