Google NEST medium headset company

Google medium headset on speaker through Nest Company, which was creative in designing to fit the diffuse sound waves accurately through the transmission of sound as far as it reaches every corner of the house through the spread of oval waves

Google medium headset
Google medium headset

Google smart headphones features

The richest and largest voice specially designed for the home, which works through the Google Home program

تكلم الى سماعه جوجل المتوسطه

You only have to ask and Google respond and remind you of your personal schedule, and that happens through hearing the average Google smart technology of the second generation, you can control each of the smart devices provided by Google’s Nest Company

Google introduced the NEST medium smart headphone

Google provides on the NIST average headset $ 20 at the time of July 24 at 12 am Pacific time and ends on August 5 2020 This offer for residents of the United States only must be 18 years or more

For more information or to buy the product, please visit the purchase link

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