Reduce image size online necessity uses in multi deference website social or commercial that require max limit to upload Proportional to laws that websites.

The successful websites load pages speedwell to optimize her value in search engine, it use better performance for visitor which will be the perfect method to load image if change format to WEBP and sets the options accurately.

reduce image size

I found many websites which support this services but compressorjpg is special for reduce image size that you need to will be.

What are the website options to optimize image?

  • Quality button option controls quality of image, download name and blur option to change clarity, smoothing pixels to change its border and ability convert image to WEBP.
  • Change dimensions button have exporting the photo in optimal pixels.
  • After upload picture sets the option that you want, four buttons appear download, delete, zoom to do compare between the images.
  • Image details button have ability to compare load time and size.
  • the website can upload up to 20 images at the same time.
compressorjpg zoom application

This zoom application to specially for be sure from quality and get better performance comparison to original image.

it found some websites presents compete such as iloveimg and compressjpeg.

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