Fast and simple way to convert PNG to JPG in bulk online and free when you come from desktop only select or drag multiple picture and drop their in the box, just select the options that becomes on it in few seconds, see it in comparison mode and click to next and previous button to make sure of image quality.

sometimes many application forget the quality in their converted image so the result will be pixelated image but compressor png have zoom application has ability to focus on quality more and smoothing pixel and blur options help in this situation.

COMPRESSOR PNG image [ comparison mode ]
Select your images and see them play as reel and download them up to 20 picture at the same time

compressor PNG is supported only png image if you want to know how to reduce JPG size? just visit compressor JPG if you want to try another website which compress PNG or tiny PNG

How do i change PNG image to JPG with focus on quality and size?

  • compress as option has two format when converting PNG image to JPEG or WEBP, attention here JPG type have not transparent image and his extension is jpg but WEBP type support transparent image and his extension is webp, you can type the image name and choose its extension after click on quality button.
  • quality option has minimum value is 10 to don’t lose all quality and maximum value is 100 one of three options that a big affect on size and quality.
  • blur option is make the image blurry which default number is 0 mean no blur it will be use but we can use the option in minimum 1 to maximum 10 and consider it one of three option has a big affect on size and quality.
compressor png quality option
compressor png (quality option) make many images are blurry at same time
  • resize png is to change its dimensions in selected pixels and specific size, it have minimum width and height is 1 percent and maximum pixels is 16383 width or height and consider it the most important option for affect on size.
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